Updated 15 September 2023


Here you can find an overview of clinical trials that are ongoing in hospitals that are part of the ECFS Clinical Trials Network (CTN). For studies that are finished, the study results are posted as soon as they are available. 

Here you find the full list of European CF centers making out the network.

Studies only run in CTN sites after a formal review of the study protocol and approval by a committee of experts. This does not mean that all CTN centers will participate in a specific study. Each study overview sheet will list the participating CTN sites. Some CTN approved studies also run in additional centers that are not part of the CTN network. A complete list of participating sites can be found on the specific www.clinicaltrials.gov (link is external) that is mentioned on each study overview sheet.

In case you want to participate in some of the trials listed here, please consult your treating physician/doctor. The overview lists the studies under: "recruitment started" or under "recruitment finished". In addition, the studies are categorized according to the drug's mechanism of action:

  • Genetic Therapy
  • Restore CFTR Protein
  • Mucus Alteration
  • Mucociliary Clearance
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Infective
  • Restore Airway Surface Liquid
  • Mucus Alteration
  • Bronchodilatators
  • Nutritional-GI
  • Other

The ECFS-CTN cannot guarantee that the information provided here is comprehensive. Please go to the ClinicalTrials.gov link for detailed and up to date information on study background, eligibility criteria, study design, outcome measures, study status, participating sites, sponsor contact information and timelines.

You can also contact the CTN coordinating centre for additional information:
ECFS-CTN@uzleuven.be (link sends e-mail)

Overview of Studies

Recruitment Started in CTN sites:

Genetic Therapy

Restore CFTR Protein



Recruitment Completed in CTN sites:

Restore CFTR function 

Mucus Alteration

Mucociliary clearance


Anti-inflammation and Anti-infective



Restore Airway Surface Liquid