Updated 24 March 2017


Prof. Kevin Southern
(United Kingdom)

ECFS NSWG Administrator

Victoria Winters 
Email: v.winters@liv.ac.uk (link sends e-mail)


Group Membership

Not all countries are represented and if anyone else would like to join the core group, please contact us (link sends e-mail).

Core Committee

Kevin Southern (UK) (co-ordinator)
Juerg Barben (CH)
Carlo Castellani (IT)
Jeannette Dankert-Roelse (NL)
Silvia Gartner (ES)
Nataliya Kashirskaya (RU)
Barry Linnane (IE)
Sarah Mayell (UK) 
Anne Munck (FR)
Dorota Sands (PL)
Olaf Sommerburg (DE) 


The Annual ECFS Neonatal Screening Working Group Meeting will take place on Wednesday 8th June 2016 in Basel, before the main programme starts.

Venue: Congress Center Basel, Switzerland

This year’s speakers will include Jürg Barben, Anne Munck, Patrick Sosnay, Dorota Sands, Silvia Gartner and Fiona Ulph.

Please take contact with Vicki Winters v.winters@liverpool.ac.uk know to register.

Download the Programme