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 CF Europe
 European Respiratory Society
 Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide 
 ECORN-CF - Expert advice on cystic fibrosis

Other Sites of Interest

CFTR.info is an online educational resource on the genetics of cystic fibrosis (CF) and the role of CF transmembrane conductance regulator in normal human physiology as well as in cystic fibrosis.
http://www.cftr2.org/ is a website designed to provide information about specific cystic fibrosis (CF) mutations to patients, researchers, and the general public. For each mutation included in the database, the website will provide information about:
- Wether the mutation causes cystic fibrosis when combined with another CF-causing mutation, and
- Information about the sweat chloride, lung function, pancreatic status, and pseudomonas
CF Network - coordinated from the Center for Human Genetics, Leuven, with the philosophy of closer interaction between the patient organisations and the clinical professions as well as those involved in fundamental research on cystic fibrosis.
CFTR Antibodies. Availability of high quality anti CFTR antibodies. This is a dedicated website for the distribution of these antibodies
Cochrane Collaboration. The Cochrane Collaboration is an international network of individuals and institutions committed to preparing, maintaining, and disseminating systematic reviews of the effects of health care including CF.
eCysticFibrosis Review is an online review publication from John Hopkins University, Medical School, that addresses key topics in CF. Registration is free and can be carried out on the eCysticFibrosis Review home page.
Pseudomonas Genome Project The complete genome sequence is now available
Child Health International - aims to improve care for children and young adults living with cystic fibrosis, by facilitating communication and knowledge transfer between specialist and multidisciplinary CF teams in the UK with medical centres and parent groups overseas.

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