Updated 06 May 2024

Mission Statement

The Nursing Special interest Group (NSiG) is committed to setting high standards of nursing practice, promoting continuing professional education and nursing research.


  • To advance education, research and clinical skills for the improvement of cystic fibrosis nursing and care
  • To create a meeting place for other CF nurses to share experiences and best practices and develop a community of practice 
  • To prepare the nursing preconference programme at the ECFS Conference

To represent CF nursing worldwide.


  • To disseminate evidence-based best practice
  • To collaborate on research and audit to promote and evaluate quality CF care
  • To promote, apply and contribute to the development of the standards of care for cystic fibrosis 
  • To work interprofessionally with other disciplines to further enhance cystic fibrosis care
  • To provide educational opportunities for CF nurses to support their continued professional development