The landmark Standards of Care (SoC), published in 2005, set out what high quality CF care is and how it can be delivered throughout Europe. The working group was revised in 2013 being reconfigured into three distinct workstreams which resulted in three documents published a year later: center framework, quality management and best practice guidelines (the latter being updated in 2018). The standards were therefore updated to act as a guideline for best practice in key areas within the context of the dynamic field that is CF care.
Since then, the constituency of membership has changed to reflect new strategic objectives and projects and to represent all constituent professions in a high functioning CF MDT.
The European CF Society has always believed that delivering high quality care is paramount. We believe that inequalities in levels of assistance across European countries are not acceptable and every effort must be made to deliver high standards. Optimal care may not be an easily achievable target and in some less advantaged countries a stepwise approach may be the only deliverable approach, but the present standards should remain as a goal.