Welcome to the European CF Pharmacy Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

The European Cystic Fibrosis Pharmacy Group is committed to promoting good practice in the supply of, and equitable access to, medicines and information about medicines to patients; setting high standards of pharmacy practice; supporting patients to achieve greatest benefit from their medicines; promoting the role of pharmacists and affiliated professions in the pharmaceutical care of patients with CF; delivering continuing professional education and development, and pharmacy practice research.   


  • To set and promote high standards of medicines management and pharmacy practice in the treatment of persons with CF, to support CF centres to achieve the relevant Standards of Care.
  • To provide a communication network among pharmacists and affiliates working with people with CF. 
  • To promote equitable access to medications for people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).
  • To advance the knowledge and understanding of pharmacological treatments for the management of CF and associated complications.
  • To share information and resources on the pharmacological treatments for CF.
  • To promote and develop the role of the Specialist CF Clinical Pharmacist.
  • To promote research in pharmacy practice.
  • To promote continuing professional education in CF care.
  • To promote pharmacist membership of ECFS and support ECFS to achieve its objectives

This new group welcomes membership from pharmacists, pharmacologists and associated professionals with an interest in the care of people with CF. There is no subscription fee, however, members must be members of the ECFS.

The objectives for the first year of this special interest group are to:

  • Identify pharmacists and affiliated professionals working within CF centres who can form a network to drive forward the agenda of the group.
  • Build a communication network to support patient care through shared knowledge and ideas.
  • Develop the groups constitution.
  • Contribute to the programme of the ECFS Conference 2016 which will include the inaugural ECFPG Annual Meeting.

To become a member, complete the application form here (hyperlink) and forward to ecfpg@outlook.com  

You will receive confirmation of registration by email and will be added to the groups mailing list.


Associated Documents


Annual Meeting

Wednesday | 5 June 2024 | 13:30 – 17:30
Glasgow, United Kingdom