The European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) is an international society of researchers and clinical professionals committed to improving survival and quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) by promoting high quality research, education and care.
Cystic Fibrosis Europe (CFE) is the federation of national CF Associations in Europe. CFE represents persons with CF and their families in Europe. CFE aims to promote investment and progress in CF research in Europe, to promote the best care from a patient perspective and represent and defend the interests of people with CF.
With aim to foster basic and translational research on CF, the ECFS and CFE have joined forces to support a number of European Post-Doctoral 2-year duration Research Fellowships. It is likely that a call for this 2-year support will be launched every 2 years.

Call for Applications, ECFS / CF Europe Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship 

Deadline:  14 February, 23.59 CET
Open to: participants below the age of 35, holding a PhD diploma in life sciences or similar obtained within the last 3 years at the time of the application and citizen from a European Union Member State (including the United Kingdom) or an associated country (according to

The ECFS / CF Europe Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship is supported by the European Cystic Fibrosis Society and Cystic Fibrosis Europe. The application for the ECFS / CF Europe Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship is open from December 15 2019 to February 14, 2020. 

Timeline for the first call
- Call: December 2019 until 14 February 2020 23:59 CET
- Evaluation and selection: March-May 2020
- Results: June 2020 presented at the ECFS annual conference
- Contracts with institutions over the Summer/Autumn
- Launch: As from September 2020 and as soon as contract in place with institution


To participate in the Post-Doctoral fellowship, you must:
•    hold a PhD diploma in life sciences or similar obtained within the last 3 years at the time of the application
•    be ≤ 35 years old by the application deadline
•    be a citizen from a European Union Member State (including the United Kingdom) or an associated country (according to
•    be planning to work for 2 years as a Post-doctorate in a scientific laboratory, the host laboratory 
•    be planning to work on a scientific project aiming at understanding the biology of CF covering basic or translational research. The topics covered under this programme are: CFTR folding, trafficking and activity, cell physiology and ion transport, mucus and mucins, inflammation, infection, model systems for CF, innovative therapeutic approaches targeting the basic defect.
•   ensure the scientific project involves at least 2 laboratories (host laboratory and collaborative laboratory). The laboratories must be located in two different countries, both of which must be a Member State of the European Union (including the United Kingdom) or an associated country according to: 
•    provide a letter of support signed by your Mentor in the host laboratory and the Director of the host laboratory 
•    provide a letter of support from at least one collaborative laboratory's Director 
•    provide at least one recommendation letter from someone working in the CF field in another laboratory than those working on your scientific project
•    be an ECFS member
•    agree to your application being reviewed externally
•    agree to submit your work to an ECFS conference for presentation
•    agree to submit a report to ECFS and CFE at the end of the first year and a final report at the end of the second year
•    provide a separate salary budget signed by the host laboratory institution's human resources department stating the salary of a Post-Doctorate
•    if possible: provide a 1-2-minute video message in English presenting yourself and explaining the main purpose of your research 
For full details of the eligibility criteria, please consult the associated documents on this page.


The postdoctoral fellowship will be of 2 years in duration. The duration of the fellowship should reflect the time frame of the research activities.


Up to Euro 60.000 per year for two years, that is available for: 
- The total cost of the fellowship recipient’s own salary. The exact amount will be based on the actual salary and costs that are directly related to the payment of salary, including any mandatory taxes, social security contributions and similar as required to pay or withhold under local law but excluding all other costs.
- Costs to publish the results of the research and to present them at an international conference (the amount to be defined in the contract signed with the host laboratory's institution).


The application form (see associated document) is to be filled out and sent back to this address: together with the required supporting documents by the deadline advertised.
The deadline to send the applications is: 14 February 2020 (23:59 CET)