Lead Coordinator: Robert Gray, MRC / University of Glasgow
Co-coordinator: Cliff Taggart, Queens University, Belfast, UK
Co-coordinator: Damian Downey, Queens University, Belfast, UK 
Co-coordinator: Tania Pressler, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, DK

Aims and objectives of Working Group:

1. To facilitate multi-centre CF pulmonary exacerbation (PEx) research and formulate identification of these events to enable to improve the prediction, diagnosis and monitoring of PEx.
2. To investigate the utility of biomarkers in the prediction and assessment of treatment response in PEx, and develop these towards clinically useful tests.
3. To explore if a precision medicine approach is feasible by utilising individual and registry patient data as well as assessing the potential of new technologies and biomarkers, such as near patient testing.
4. To explore/map the perceptions of symptoms and treatment in parents and people with CF during PEx and use this to inform future management.
5. Develop a proposal for H2020 (or similar) funding to definitively investigate how to improve PEx outcomes for patients.