Executive Committee

Kevin Southern (UK)

Alistair Duff (UK)

Pavel Drevinek (CZ)

Carlo Castellani (IT)

Andrea Gramegna (IT)

Daniel Peckham (UK)

Steering Commitee

Nataliya Kashirskaya (RU) 

Gilles Rault (FR) 

Silvia Gartner

Hilde deKeyser (BE) 

Dominique Pougheon-Bertrand (FR)

Jacquelien Noordhoek (NL)

Jaroslaw Walkowiak (PL) 

FULL Commitee

The full committee comprises of the Executive and Core groups as well as AHP representatives and other associated/co-opted members.

  • Nichola MacDuff (UK) (Nursing) 
  • Edwin Brokaar ((Pharmacy)
  • Jaqueline Lowdon (UK) (Dietetics)
  • Marlies Wagner (AT) (Physiotherapy) 

Executive and Steering committee members will attend the face-to-face meetings in January during the CTN days and at the annual ECFS June conference. In June the full committee will be present with all AHP members be asked to attend.