Updated 18 April 2019

The ECFS is pleased to announce a third wave of expansion of the ECFS-Clinical Trials Network (ECFS-CTN). The ECFS-CTN is a network of 43 Specialist Cystic Fibrosis Centres from 15 countries in Europe who are committed to a coordinated strategic approach to CF clinical trials in Europe and worldwide. This is done by sharing expertise, reviewing clinical trial protocols, maintaining high quality within sites, standardising outcome measures, validating new and alternative endpoints, providing training to the site’s staff and involving and cooperating with all stakeholders.
The ECFS is inviting further applications from CF Centres to become Clinical Research Centres in this Network. An Evaluation Board will be appointed by the Board of the ECFS. The Evaluation Board will be responsible for the ranking of the received applications. The Evaluation Board will not include physicians from centres applying to participate in the network. Applications will be reviewed for eligibility criteria and scored according to the following criteria: quality of the centre (#50%), experience in clinical research (#30%), resources for clinical research (#20%).
The deadline for submission of the application form is October 15th 2018. The results of the selection will be officially announced at the ECFS conference in Liverpool, June 2019. Consequently the new centres will actually join the network in January 2020.
Please feel free to forward this information to other centres that might be interested. 
Click here to download the application form iin Pdf and get further information on the application process. Application form in Word available here.

List of CTN Centers 

BelgiumBrussels (UZB)E. De WachterE. Vanderhelst, S. Vincken

LeuvenL. DupontM. Proesmans, F. Vermeulen, M. Boon, N. Lorent, P. Van Bleyenbergh
Czech RepublicPrague P. Drevinek L. Fila, V. Skalicka
DenmarkCopenhagen T. Pressler M. Skov 
France Bordeaux/ToulouseM. FayonS. Bui, J. Macey, M. Murris-Espin, M. Mittaine

France North-West*G. RaultA. Magnan

LilleA. PrevotatN. Wizla

LyonPh. Reix I. Durieu

Mucomed*R. ChironJ-C Dubus, N. Dufeu, C. Piccini-Bailly, S. Leroy

ReimsM. AbélyK. Bessaci, B. Ravoninjatovo

RouenCh. MarguetS. Dominique

West Paris*I. FajacB. Delaisi, I. Sermet
GermanyBerlinM. MallC. Schwarz

Essen-BochumS. SutharsanF. Stehling, C. Koerner-Rettberg, M. Welsner

Frankfurt G. RohdeS. Zielen, O. Eickmeier, W. Gleiber

HannoverB. TümmlerF. Ringshausen, A.M. Dittrich

JenaM. Lorenz

CologneS. van Koningsbruggen-RietschelE. Rietschel

MunichS. NährigM. Griese, M. Kappler
IrelandDublinN.G. McElvaneyP. Greally
IsraelJerusalemE. KeremM. Wilschanski

Petah TikvaD. PraisM. Mei-Zahav, H. Mussaffi
Italy FlorenceG. TaccettiS. Bresci

GenoaC. CastellaniR. Casciaro, F. Cresta

MilanC. ColomboG. Pizzamiglio

Rome  (Sapienza University)P. PalangeD. Savi

Rome (Bambino Gesù)V. LucidiF. Alghisi

VeronaP. MelottiF. Pauro
PolandWarsawD. SandsK. Walicka-Serzysko, J. Milczewska
PortugalLisbon C. Barreto  P. Azevedo, L. Pereira  
SpainBarcelonaS. Gartner A. Alvarez
SwedenGöteborgM. GilljamA. Lindblad

StockholmL. HjelteF. Karpati, I. de Monestrol
SwitzerlandZurichA. MoellerC. Benden, A. Jung
The Netherlands RotterdamH. TiddensM. Bakker

UtrechtK. van der EntH. Heijerman
United KingdomBelfastD. DowneyJ. Bradley, A. Reid

BirminghamE. NashM. Desai, J. Whitehouse

CambridgeCh. HaworthA. Floto

LeedsT. LeeD. Peckham, P. Whitaker, I. Clifton, C. Etherington, A. Adams, E. Guy, C. Edwards 

LondonJ. DaviesN. Simmonds, A. Jones, R. Dobra

NottinghamA. SmythH. Barr

SouthamptonM. CarrollG. Connett, T. Daniels, J. Legg

* Composite Sites:

  • Mucomed: Giens, Marseille ped, Marseille Adult, Montpellier, Nice
  • France North-West: Nantes, Rennes, Roscoff
  • West Paris: Robert Debré, Necker, Cochin hospitals