The aim of the ECFS-CTN Standardization Committees is to harmonize clinical outcome parameters used in cystic fibrosis clinical research by implementing Standard Operating Procedures for the main endpoints used in clinical therapeutical trials.
The ECFS-CTN Standard Operating procedures are available, upon request, to the ECFS-CTN coordinating center (


Chairs of Standardization Committees

Inflammatory markers:

Lieven Dupont, Leuven, Belgium
Michael Fayon, Bordeaux, France

Lung Imaging:

Marcel Van Straten, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Keith Brownlee, Leeds, UK

Microbiological explorations:

Miles Denton, Leeds, UK
Giovanni Taccetti, Firenze, Italy


Isabelle Sermet, Paris, France
Inez Bronsveld, Utrecht, Netherlands


Martin Hug, Freiburg, Germany
Hugo De Jonge, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nico Derichs, Berlin, Germany 

Sweat Testing:

Kevin Southern, Liverpool, UK

Nutritional Evaluation:

Marco Cipolli, Verona, Italy
Anne Munck, Paris, France
Alison Morton, Leeds, UK

Respiratory Functions:

Philippe Reix, Lyon, France
Stefan Zielen, Frankfurt, Germany