Director LungAnalysis

Prof. Dr. Harm Tiddens is the founder and current director of LungAnalysis. He is a pediatric pulmonologist with an honorary position in radiology and nuclear medicine. Prof. Dr. Tiddens has an extensive background in lung structure and function research in both pediatric and adult lung diseases. He is internationally recognized as an expert in lung imaging and in image analysis of the lungs.

Vice director LungAnalysis

Daan Caudri (MD, PhD) is a pediatric pulmonologist, somnologist and epidemiologist based at the Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam, he has an honorary position at Telethon Kids Institute, Perth. Dr. Caudri has collaborated with Prof. Tiddens on structure and function research for the last 10 years, with particular emphasis on CT image analysis in pediatric CF and PCD.

Head LungAnalysis

Mariette Kemner-van de Corput (PhD) is a molecular cell biologist with 20 years of image analysis background on her record. She works at LungAnalysis since 2014 and manages, supervises and coordinates all LungAnalysis activities.

Thoracic Radiologist

Pierluigi Ciet (MD, PhD) is a certified thoracic radiologist and pediatric radiologist. He is also a post doc in the LungAnalysis group. He has been trained in thoracic radiology during his PhD program at the Harvard School of Medicine. Dr. Ciet is world top in thoracic MRI and is closely involved in LungAnalysis research lines.

Lead Analyst

Merlijn Bonte (MSc) is the lead analyst working with LungAnalysis since 2018. He has a Master’s degree in Medicine and Neuroscience. He has extensive experience in image analysis and in clinical research. Together with the Director and Head LungAnalysis, he keeps LungAnalysis at the frontline of developments.

LungAnalysis project manager

Jorien van de Puttelaar (MSc) is the project manager of LungAnalysis. She has a master degree in Nursing Science. She worked for many years as trial manager and senior research nurse. Since early 2020 she has been appointed project manager with LungAnalysis. Together with Merlijn Bonte she is responsible for the SCIFI-II Chest CT standardization project.

Senior Research Nurse

Badies Manaï (MSc) is a pediatric senior research nurse with extensive experience in sponsor initiated and investigator initiated medical research. He has a master degree in Clinical Health Care, Nursing Science. His areas of interest are ways to promote safe participation of study patients in clinical trials and data verification procedures. Since 2017 he is involved part-time in the proper conduct of LungAnalysis studies involving image analysis.

Other personnel

The LungAnalysis lab hosts between 5-10 PhD students. In addition, LungAnalysis employs several medical students who are trained and certified by LungAnalysis to do image analysis work. They are supervised by Mariette Kemner-van de Corput and Merlijn Bonte.