LungAnalysis CT core laboratory 

LungAnalysis (LA) is the ECFS-CTN CT core laboratory for standardization of chest CT acquisition and for centralized image analysis of chest CTs for clinical research and clinical care. 
Since 2013, LungAnalysis offers Computed Tomography (CT) image analysis services for investigator-initiated studies and for clinical trials. LungAnalysis also provides training services for spirometer and technician controlled CT scan procedures and for standardization of chest CT imaging protocols.
Between 2012 and 2015, LungAnalysis has visited and certified 16 ECFS-CTN sites for the SCIFI-CF chest CT standardization effort. This allowed the network to execute multiple clinical studies that included chest CT related outcome measures. In 2020, LungAnalysis became the CT Expert Center for the ECFS-CTN to execute the SCIFI-II project standardizing and (re)certifying all 58 ECFS-CTN sites for spirometer-guided or technician-controlled CT scanning procedures.