Updated on 28 July 2023

Data Request - Application Form

Currently, the ECFSPR database contains data of more than 54,000 patients with CF living in 40 countries, and longitudinal data from 2011 to 2021. This large database with anonymised data, according to agreed inclusion criteria, definitions and coding and reflecting the natural heterogeneity in CF manifestation across the pan-European countries, is used for annual reports with key demographic and clinical data on a country level. We encourage the use of these important data for scientific research and welcome applications for data.

If you wish to make an application for data please complete the data-application form and send to ecfs-pr@uzleuven.be.

All applications will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. Applications from the Industry will be reviewed by the Clinical Trials Network (CTN) as well. Based on the recommendation of the Scientific Committee, the Steering Group (composed of national representatives of the countries that contribute data to the ECFSPR) will make a decision on the approval of the data request. This decision will be final. For further information on the procedure, please read the Code of Conduct.

Applications from non-European countries must ensure an adequate level of protection (Directive 95/46/EC (TBC) chapter IV, article 25.1). Any application that involves anything but aggregated data must be approved by the Danish Data Protection agency before release of data.

Applicants will be asked to sign an agreement in which they declare that the data will be used for the sole purpose indicated in the application and shall not be kept for longer than necessary for that purpose or purposes. If you wish to make an application for data please contact the Executive Coordinator of the ECFSPR (ecfs-pr@uzleuven.be).

The ECFSPR supplies only anonymised data in a secured file. For data applications that request country specific data the ECFSPR will ask the country coordinators/centre directors if they prefer to  extract the data via their own registry or via the ECFSPR.

All applications will be handled as received. Please take into account that the process of approval and producing the requested dataset will take a minimum of twenty working days.


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