Data Request Fees

Data applications will be subject to a fee depending on the nature and source of the request.

Composition of the fee:

The ECFSPR charges a fee for reviewing the application, whether the request is approved or not. To promote and stimulate research in CF, the application review fee will be waived for researchers and research groups. 

A. Academic researchers ECFS Members: free of charge
B. Patient organisations: free of charge

C. Independent researchers/research groups:

Free of charge
Data extraction1:
Free of charge
Data analysis2:
€ 250.00 per hour (equal to the number of hours spent on the project for the analyses)

D. Industry: under revision

The ECFSPR is not in favour of providing raw data and the analysis of the dataset will be performed by the ECFSPR statistician. (In special circumstances an exception can be made at the ECFSPR’s discretion).

1 Data-extraction: the act or process of retrieving data out of the database.
2 Data-analysis: the process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling the data (with the goal to highlight useful  information, suggest conclusions and support decision-making).