Update 24 August 2020


ECFS Constitution extract:

2-01-03: The ECFS may form special project or working groups for any purpose related to the objective of the society. Such sub-groups will be appointed and approved by the ECFS Board and their members are expected to be ECFS members. While special projects are not subject to a pre-defined term of existence, working groups will be supported for 1 year and up to a maximum of 3 years. Annual reports from these sub-groups will be presented at the summer Board meeting and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The ECFS currently supports the following initiatives

Any active member of the Society may consider the establishment of a working group supporting a specialist area related to CF.

An application for the establishment of a working group is to be made in writing, using the Application Form template. This form is to include details about the aims, objectives and structure of the proposed working group. Applications are to reach the ECFS Office, info@ecfs.eu, for evaluation/selection by the ECFS Board.

In the event that a Working Group wishes to apply for an extension (see Terms of Reference), the application is to be made in writing using the Application for ECFS WG Extension form template. Such applications are also to be sent to the ECFS Office, info@ecfs.eu.


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