Members of the ECFS Board, Projects and Working Groups are entitled to a refund of travel expenses when a travel has been authorised in advance. In principle, only ECFS Members are eligible for travel reimbursement. Travel Expense Claim forms will be issued by the ECFS.

  • Travel arrangements are to be made by the most economical mode possible.
  • All claims for refund must be accompanied by original receipts (an audit requirement).
  • No item on a claim form should be submitted for refund if it has already been refunded or can be refunded from another source. The claimant will sign to this effect on the Travel Expense Claim form.
  • Claimants may request original receipts to be returned if their expenses are not authorised for reimbursement and can be refunded from another source.
  • Claims for refund should be submitted within 4 weeks of the event to which they are applicable. Claims arriving after this time frame, with no prior correspondence explaining the delay, may be rejected.
  • Claims from Europeans will be paid by bank transfer (IBAN & SWIFT codes are mandatory)
  • Claims from outside of Europe (with no IBAN/SWIFT equivalent) may be paid by a cheque.


For each conference, invited speakers will be sent a Travel Expense Claim form for their expenses and will be informed of the maximum authorised level of refund.

General Principles for Reimbursable expenses:


  • Air Fares (economy class)
  • Public Transport (Train, Metro, Bus)
  • Taxis (with justification)
  • Private car (Kilometres/Miles to airport/train station etc. - max rate is the standard rate in Denmark)
  • Parking fees at Airport
  • Ferry
  • Bridge Tolls
  • Motorway Tolls

Not Reimbursable:

  • Bank commission charges for money exchange
  • Bank fees and credit card charges
  • Personal travel Insurance
  • Damage/Accident costs for private transportation
  • Visa Entry Fees
  • Taxis when a shuttle service is offered.
  • Passport renewal costs
  • Personal Tips (Porters, etc.)
  • Hotel charges for personal telephone calls/fax/internet/room service etc.
  • Meals
  • Rental cars (unless fully justifiable)
  • Lost Luggage fees
  • Parking violations