In achieving the ECFS aim for the best possible treatment and the highest quality of life for the patient with CF, the ECFS has for a number of years conducted regular consensus meetings to attain European standards. 

Who can organise a Consensus Meeting?

Any active ECFS Member can propose a topic for a consensus meeting to the ECFS Board for approval. The request to the Board is to be made via a business case outlining the aims and objectives of the meeting, the proposed dates of the meeting, and a list of suggested participants. As appropriate, the consensus meeting can be proposed to have joint leadership (both members must be active ECFS members). The content of the proposed consensus meeting will be judged in terms of its relevance and timeliness at a European level and its financial viability. The application to the Board should be submitted 18 months to 2 years prior to the anticipated meeting dates. Such proposals will be decided upon at the ECFS Board Meeting.


The ECFS Board reserves the right to decide on the appropriate location of the meeting which can be held in any European country. The location for a consensus meeting is traditionally a hotel which can provide a meeting room large enough to accommodate full briefing sessions and Round Table sessions, a sufficient number of hotel rooms for the participants, and full catering.


The final consensus document will be published in the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis.

After the ECFS Board has approved the proposal:


The Consensus Meeting Leader is responsible for:

  • Drawing up a list of participants.
  • Drawing up a list of sponsors (industry/national associations, etc.) most likely to support the meeting.
  • Preparing a text outlining the aims and objectives of the meeting.
  • Preparing the invitation letter for the participants.
  • Preparing the initial draft of the consensus document for distribution to the invited participants.
  • Preparing a plan of Round Table discussions (by area of topics and expertise). 
  • Coordinating the final consensus document for publication in the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis.

The ECFS Office will assist the Consensus Meeting Leader by: 

  • Issuing letters to invited participants and following-up with the meeting details.
  • Contacting sponsors for funding support.
  • Preparing a budget for the meeting.
  • Booking the meeting location, and arranging for the requisite number of rooms and catering.
  • Assisting with the organisation of airport (or train/bus terminal)transfers.
  • Attending the meeting to assist with on-site administration.
  • Refunding participants expenditures on completion of the meeting.
  • Providing the ECFS Board and the Consensus Meeting Leader with a copy of the final accounts.