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17th Annual Meeting: Announcement

The 17th Annual ECFS DNWG will be held held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 6-8 February 2020, hosted by Inez Bronsveld.

The meeting will start on Thursday 6th February around 13.30 and will end on Saturday 8th February around noon.
If you would like to give a presentation during this scientific meeting, please contact us by e-mail:

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ECFS DNWG Sweat test Training Workshop
"Practical aspects for improvement of CF diagnosis in Europe" 

In the tradition of the ECFS DNWG NPD and ICM hands-on workshops in Berlin 2014, we have organized a successful ECFS DNWG sweat test hands-on workshop at the ECFC in Belgrade 2018 (supported by EliTech) which received very good feedback from the participants.The workshop addressed the important issues raised within the previous ECFS DNWG sweat test survey (Cirilli N et al. JCF 2017) and was well in line with our recent educational activities to improve sweat test performance in Europe. Follow-up ECFS DNWG workshops have already been planned also on national levels. 

ECFS Education

With our educational online materials we are already contributing to the new ECFS Education project. These will be further expanded to different diagnostic tools as a next step.