Call for Young Investigator Abstracts:

An important part of the annual DNWG meetings in February, is the annual contribution of young researchers. Therefore, we would like to invite young investigators (YI) (<35 years old) to present their work during the 21st annual DNWG meeting in Hannover, Germany (8-10th February 2024).

In order to be selected, please send your abstract (around 250 words), describing your work in the field of CF diagnosis, before 27/12/2023 to Please include your date of birth and your work place. The decision about abstract selection will be communicated no later than 08/01/2024. Please do not hesitate to inform Young Investigators about this opportunity.
​​​​​​​Additional perk: the organisation will cover travel expenses and accommodation of the selected YI’s.

Previous ECFS DNWG Young Investigator Awardees:


ECFS DNWG Young Investigators 2020 - 17th Annual DNWG meeting Utrecht (NL) Left to right: Zeynep Reyhan Onay (Ankara, Turkey), Yulia Melyanovskaya (Moscow, Russia), Magdalena Postek (Warsaw, Poland), Simon Gräber (Berlin, Germany)


ECFS DNWG Young Investigators 2019 - 16th Annual DNWG meeting in Tunis (TN) Left to right: Pavol Ďurč (Brno, Czech Republic), Senne Cuyx (Leuven, Belgium), Magdalena Postek (Warsaw, Poland), Audrey Reynaerts (Brussels, Belgium), Karina Kleinfelder (Verona, Italy).


15th Annual Meeting, 8th – 10th February 2018 - St. Gallen, Switzerland
Reratilwe Mphahlele (Durban, South Africa), Magdalena Postek (Warsaw, Poland), Lander Bosch (Cambridge, UK), Olga Novoselova (Moscow, Russia)


14th Annual Meeting, 16th – 18th February 2017 – Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Rebecca Hyde (Hannover, Germany), Hana Goldstein (Jerusalem, Israel), Erika Asperges (London, UK), Bente Aaalbers (Utrecht, Netherlands)


13th Annual Meeting, 11th – 13th February 2016 – London, UK
Cheryl Stewart (Pretoria, South Africa), Anne Bergougnoux (Montpellier, France), Carla Gomez (Campinas, Brazil), Barbara Bosch (Leuven, Belgium), Silvia Vercellone (Verona, Italy), Michael Klosinski (Berlin, Germany)


12th Annual Meeting, 12th – 14th February 2015 – Warsaw, Poland
Jan Nowak (Poznan, Poland), Denise Peserico (Verona, Italy), Joanna Jaworska (Warsaw, Poland), Justyna Milczewska (Warsaw, Poland), Robert Rauscher (Potsdam, Germany),.


11th Annual Meeting, 13th – 15th February 2014 – Berlin, Germany
Gloria Tridello (Verona, Italy), Michaela Kleinschmidt (Brussels, Belgium), Mike Waller (London, UK), Lea Pinders (Berlin, Germany), Aurelie Hatton (Paris, France)