The group registration (> 10 participants) process is as follows:
•    Please submit your group booking via the ECFS 2021 Group Online Registration System.
•    If you are registering a participant as ECFS Member or in a reduced price category, please note that a proof of the status or the membership number must be sent to the ECFS 2021 Conference Secretariat by the next applicable deadline.
•    A payment order will be automatically sent to your email address. Please note that payment can only be made by bank transfer.
•    The ECFS 2021 Conference Secretariat will send you a name list template by email upon receipt of the payment.
•    Both the payment and the fully completed name list must be provided by the next applicable deadline.

Please note that:
•    Should the pre-paid amount not be used in full during the pre-registration process, the remaining amount can be used for individual registration.
•    There will be no refund for registrations which are paid for but not used (according to the above mentioned deadlines). The deadline for the group bookings is 31 May 2021. After the group registration deadline, registrations are only possible individually.
•    The ECFS Registration Department cannot be held responsible for double bookings of an individual participant or group made by another company or organisation.