Best Oral Presentation

 - Ellen De Pauw (KU Leuven, Leuven, BE)
Abstract 38: Fertility deficiency in female cystic fibrosis patients: determining the role of the uterus’ endometrium using cutting-edge organoid models
 - Marco Mergiotti  (University of Torino, IT)
Abstract 15: A PI3Kγ Mimetic Peptide Promotes F508del-CFTR Localization at Plasma Membrane through a PKD1-dependent Mechanism

Best Poster Presentation

 - Arina Svoeglazova (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, BE)
Abstract 12: PF-429242 alleviates the p.phe508del-CFTR defects in Cystic Fibrosis cells
 - Mattijs Bulcaen (KU Leuven, Leuven, BE)
Abstract 56: Correction of CF-causing mutations L227R and N1303K by prime editing


NACFC Travel Grant

Supported and presented by Bob Emmelkamp

- Lucia Nicosia (University College Cork, Cork, IE)
Abstract 62: Rescuing G542X by Adenine Base Editing: a guide to restore function

ECFS Young Fellows Travel Award
Awards presented by Carlos Farinha
(ECFS Board Member)

Mafalda Bacalhau (PT)
Emma Collins (IE)
Ellen De Pauw (BE)    
Christie Mitri (FR)
Francesco Saccoliti (IT)
Lúcia Santos (PT)    
Marta Vila Gonzalez (UK)

Student Helper Award

Mattijs Bulcaen (BE)
Clara Blotas (FR)
Martina Buccirossi (IT)
Lucia Nicosia (IE)

Free Registration Young Researchers

Supported by the Italian CF Research Foundation 

Awards presented by Ermanno Rizzi (Research program manage from the FFC) and and Nicoletta Pedemonte

Federica Corrao
Angela Della Sala
Michele Genovese
Marco Mergiotti
Simona Titoli
Arianna Venturini 

Free Registration Young Researchers

Supported by the the Canadian CF Foundation

Tarini Gunawardena
Tia Rizakos