Monday, June 17, 2013

ECFS Award, Young Investigator Awards, Best Poster Awards

ECFS Award - Prof. Kevin Webb

ECFS Award 2013 

The 2013 ECFS Award was presented to Professor Kevin Webb, United Kingdom (right) by ECFS President Stuart Elborn, to acknowledge his substantial and remarkable contribution to cystic fibrosis care over 30 years. Also to recognise and honour the huge contribution his scientific research has had on our understanding of clinical care, genetics, and therapy – and the importance of cross infection of Burkholderia cepacia complex organisms and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 

Young Investigators Awards

Sheila Scheinert, Berlin, Germany
Arlene Glasgow, Belfast, United Kingdom
Sophie Cammidge, Leeds, United Kingdom

Young Investigators Awards
From Left to right:
ECFS President: Stuart Elborn | Sheila Scheinert,| Arlene Glasgow | Sophie Cammidge | Celeste Barreto, Conference Vice-President

Best Poster Awards

Genetics - CFTR/Cell Biology/Cell Physiology - Poster 48 - Nikhil Awatade, United Kingdom
Screening/Diagnosis - Poster 24 - Aleksandra Norek, Poland
Screening/Diagnosis: Highly Commended - Poster 33 - Pedro Mondejo-Lopez, Spain
Screening/Diagnosis: Highly Commended - Poster 42 - Elke De Wachter, Belgium
New Therapies - Poster 54 - Peter Barry, United Kingdom
Microbiology - Poster 108 - Sandra dos Santos,  Portugal
Immunology/Inflammation/Pulmonology - Poster 165 - Arlene Glasgow, United Kingdom
Physiotherapy - Poster 219 - Michael Doumit, Australia
Gastrointestinal / Liver Disease / Metabolic Complications of CF - Poster 239 - Trond Engjom, Norway
Nutrition - Poster 275 - Marianna Daldoss, Italy
Nursing / Psychosoal Issues - Poster 322 - Rodrigo Sousa, Portugal
Epidemiology - Registry / Delivery of Care - Poster 301 - Toby Toward, United Kingdom