Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best Poster Awards

 Malaga Best Poster Awards

Yiting Wang (United Kingdom)
Thermodynamic analysis of temperature-dependent F508del-CFTR channel function
Carlos A. Flores (Chile)
Role of KCNN4 Potassium Channel in Neutrophil Chemotactic Response
Evelien Kruisselbrink (The Netherlands)
Treatment with VX-809 and VX-770 in rectal CF Organoids expressing uncommon CFTR Genotypes

ECFS Young Fellows Travel Award

Sara Ines Canato, Portugal
Natasha Cant, United Kingdom
Laurie-Anne Payet, France
Tracy Rimington, United Kingdom
Vinciane Saint-Criq, Ireland
Annika Schmidt, Germany

Student Helper Award

Johanna Bertrand, France
Sara Bitam, France
Joao Miguel Fernandes, Portugal
Siobhan Hendrick, Ireland
Kristin Thompson, Germany
Yiting Wang, United Kingdom

Programme Book with abstracts - here

More about the conference - here