Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In conjunction with the 33rd ECFS Conference in Valencia, the following awards were presented..

ECFS Award

Prof. Margarida Amaral and Dr. David Sheppard

The 2010 ECFS Award was presented to Margarida D. Amaral, Ph.D. and David N. Sheppard, Ph.D. in recognition of their huge contribution towards a European approach to CF, the testimony being the overwhelming success of the EuroCareCF project. The ECFS also wished to recognize their contribution towards the highly successful annual ECFS Basic Science Conferences initiated by Margarida Amaral in 2004.

ECFS Awards 2010
From left to Right: Dr. David Sheppard, Dr. Amparo Solé, President of the 33rd Conference, Prof. Margarida Amaral, Prof. Stuart Elborn, President ECFS

Young Investigators Awards

Annika Schmit, Germany
Stefanie Diemer, Germany
Tiffany Dwyer, Australia

Young Investigator Awards

Cesare Romano Awards for Cystic Fibrosis Research

Alix de Becdelièvre, France
Uwe Schushnig, Germany

Best Poster Awards

CFTR/Cell Biology/Physiology: Rémy Sauvé, Canada
Microbiology/Antibiotics: Timothy Kidd, Australia
Immunology/Inflammation: Stefanie Diemer, Germany
Pulmonology: Kent Green, Denmark
Physiotherapy: Tiffany Dwyer, Australia
Gastroenterology/Liver Disease/Metabolic Complications: Rifat Rashid, UK
Nutrition: Meenu Rezaie, UK
Nursing/Psychosocial Issues: Evelyn Janetta, UK
Epidemiology/Registry: Abaigeal Jackson, Ireland