Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Awards presented at the 32nd ECFS Conference held in Brest, France - 10-13 June 2009

The ECFS Award
Young Investigator Awards
Cesare Romano Awards
Best Poster Awards
Best Case Presentation Awards


The ECFS Award was jointly presented to Prof. Lap Chee Tsui, Prof. Batsheva Kerem, Prof. Francis Collins and Prof. John Riordan - 20 Years of CFTR Gene Discovery.
The discovery of the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis in 1989 was a major milestone in our understanding of cystic fibrosis and also represented at that time a significant advance in the approach to identifying genes responsible for disease.  The discovery of the gene represented collaborative work between laboratories, at that time in Michigan and in Toronto. This has been a great model for subsequent collaborative work using this genetic information to better understand how cystic fibrosis is caused and new treatments to correct the basic gene and protein defects.


  Prof. Lap Chee Tsui, Prof. Stuart Elborn, Prof. Batsheva Kerem From Left to Right:
Prof. Lap Chee Tsui, Prof. Stuart Elborn - ECFS President, and Prof. Batsheva Kerem.
Not available for the photo: Prof. Francis Collins and Prof. John Riordan



Johanna Bertrand, France – Abstract Title: Pharmacological characterization of a novel water-soluble activator of F508del-CFTR
Tobias Bensel, Germany – Abstract Title: Lactate as a non-invasive marker of CF lung inflammation.
Loïc Drévillon, France – Abstract Title: COMMD1 Promotes CFTR Trafficking Through Inhibition of Ubiquitination

Tobias Bensel, Prof. Claude Férec, Johanna Bertrand, Prof. Stuart Elborn  Doic Drévillon 
From left to right:
Tobias Bensel
Prof. Claude Férec, Conference President
Johanna Bertrand
Prof. Stuart Elborn, ECFS President 
From left to right:
Loïc Drévillon and Prof. Claude Férec


These awards were introduced for the first time in 2009 at the request of the family of Prof. Cesare Romano (Italy)  to honour his memory.  The awards are intended for young researchers working in the fields of Screening-Genetics and New Therapies-Clinial Trials in CF. The awards in 2009 went to the following:

Screening & Diagnosis: Inez Bronsveld, The Netherlands
Poster 34: Evaluation of European Protocols for Measuring Nasal Potential Differences

New Therapies: Caroline Norez, France
Poster 99: Roscovitine: a Novel Corrector for the Functional Rescue of F508 del-CFTR

 Inez Bronsveld and Caroline Norez Photo:
Inez Bronsveld and Caroline Norez



Genetics: Alexander Hinzpeter, France
Poster 15: In vivo and in vitro effect of E831X mutation

CFTR/ Cell Biology/Physiology: Nathalie Benz, France
Poster 70: Correction of the F508del-CFTR function by the Gonadotropin-Releasing hormone (GnRH) in polarized and non-polarized epithelial cells

Microbiology: Gloria Herrmann, Germany
Poster 163: Colistin Sulfate/Tobramycin Combination is superior for killing Biofilm P. Aeruginosa than Monotherapy In Vitro

Immunology / Inflammation: Paola Del Porto, Italy
Poster 226: Influence of CFTR mutations on bactericidal activity of human macrophages

Pulmonology: Iara Sequeiros, United Kingdom
Poster 249: Which quantitative measurement of lung function correlates best with clinical picture during treatment of pulmonary exacerbations in CF?

Physiotherapy: Anne Holland, Australia
Poster 282: Desaturation on 3-minute step test is associated with impaired outcomes at 12 months in adults with cystic fibrosis

Gastroenterology / Liver Disease / Metabolic Complications of  CF / Nutrition:
Ans Pauwels, Belgium
Poster 316: Detection of bile acids in sputum as a screening method for assessment of aspiration of duodenogastric contents in patients with cystic fibrosis

Nursing / Psychosocial Issues: Georg Seitz, Germany
Poster 373: Non-adherence as coping strategy of young adult patients with CF. A qualitative study.

Epidemiology / Registry / Other Issues: Nadine Pellen, France
Poster 423: The genealogical contribution to the understanding of the diffusion processes of the CFTR mutations: the case study of 1717-1G->A in Brittany (France)


Physiotherapy: Victoria Gettins, UK
Title: Too much Exercise: How should it be managed?

Photo: Maggie McIlwaine, President of the International Physiotherapy Group for Cystic Fibrosis (left), presenting Victoria Gettins with her award. 

 Maggie McIlwaine and Victoria Gettins

 Jochen Mainz and Dr. Harry Heijerman

Pulmonology: Jochen Mainz, Germany
Title: First Colonisation with P. Aeruginosa – only Detected in the Upper Airways – Eradicated with Sinonasal Inhalation of Tobramycin

Photo: Jochen Mainz (left) receiving the award from Dr. Harry Heijerman

Gastroenterology: Nicholas Simmonds, UK
Title: Recurrent Abdominal Pain: a Lesson for Adult Physicians 

Photo: Nicholas Simmonds (left) receiving the award from Prof. Martin Stern

 Nicholas Simmonds and Prof. Martin Stern

 Leelach Peleg-Weiss and Anna Gravelle Nursing/Psychosocial: Leelach Peleg-Weiss, Israel
Title: A Dietetic and Psychological Behavioral Approach towards treating food neophobia

Photo: Leelach Peleg-Weiss (left) receiving the award from Anna Gravelle