Thomas dancing on his own, with the virtual choir behind him provided the perfect start to our international conference. This is the only way people with CF can sing together because if they did this in an orthodox choir, they would risk spreading bugs between themselves. Their contributions were all recorded individually and for many the first time they have seen the “end-product” is with this video.

The delegates at the conference found it inspiring, both the quality of singing and dancing; but also the message that whilst people have CF but it doesn’t define them.  This message permeated throughout the rest of the conference.

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous team effort that delivered this lovely event; the hard work and practice of Thomas and the singers, the tremendous skills of James Hawkins, recording everyone individually and bringing them together, the support of the CF Trust, in particular Marcel in delivering the video, and the recording of the event by Marcus and his team from KIT, who organised the conference.  

Professors Kevin Southern and Jane Davies, CF Doctors from Liverpool and London