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Round Table sessions will be held on Thursday 13 June and Friday 14 June 2013 - 07:15-08:15
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Basic Science pH regulation in CF
Leader: Ursula Seidler
Neutrophils in CF
Leader: Dominik Hartl
MicroRNA in CF
Leader: Catherine Greene
CFTR interactome
Leader: Carlos Farinha
Mechanisms of Lung remodelling
in CF
Leader: Bob Scholte
Clinical Trials/New Therapies Lung Clearance Index
Leader: Anders Lindblad
Gene Therapy
Leader: Jane Davies
CFTR Modulators
Leader: Luis Galietta
CT as an Outcome Measure
Leader: Harm Tiddens
  Oral Contraceptives in CF:
Pros and cons
Leader: Gerry McElvaney
Microbiology/Antibiotics Host Pathogen Interaction using Genomics
Leader: Miguel Valvano
New Diagnostics
(Genomic and Proteomic)
Leader: Sally Pattison
Viruses in CF
Leader: William Flight
Fungi in CF
Leader: Sanjay Chotirmall
Bacterial genomics in CF
Leader: Geraint Rogers
Treating B cepacia complex
Leader: Alex Horsley
Nursing/Psychosocial Issues E-health in Practice
Leader: Marit van Oirschot
Supporting Families around Newborn Screening
Leader: Pavla Hodkova
Caring for Carers: Compassion Satisfaction versus Compassion Fatigue
Leader: Araxie Matossian
Hygiene & Infection Control
Leader: Ellen Julie Hunstad
Physiotherapy Exercise for the Pre-and Post-Transplant Patient
Leader: Paul Burnham
Assessing Physical Activity
Leader: Pierre-Régis Burgel
Pregnancy in CF - Implications for Physiotherapy
Leader: Gemma Stanford
Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation
Leader: Fred Lessire
Pulmonology/Immunology Stens, Achromo and others: What should we use to treat?
Leader: Marianne Skov
Clinical delivery of nebulised therapies for airway clearance and exercise
Leader: Mark Elkins
Inhaled Mucolytic Drugs in Young Children with CF
Leader: Harm Tiddens
Management of beta-lactam Antibiotic Allergy in the CF Patients
Leader: Daniel Peckham
Non classical CF: Diagnostic Pathways (to be conducted in Spanish)
Leader: Carlos Vazquez
Cycling Inhaled Antibiotics in CF Patients: Norm or exception?
Leader: Giovanni Taccetti
Genetics/Screening/Diagnosis Is CF a Clinical or a Genetic Diagnosis?
Leader: Peter Durie
First Experiences with CFTR2
Leader: Manfred Ballmann
How to Establish Newborn Screening for CF in your country
Leader: Kevin Southern
Registry/Epidemiology Lung Transplanted Patients - which registries can we use?
Leader: Lieven Dupont
Cooperation Between National/International Registries
Leader: Bruce Marshall
Issues in Benchmarking Using Registries
Leader: Vincent Gulmans
Pharmacovigillance in CF Registries
Leader: Elaine Gunn
GI/Nutrition/Liver Disease/
Metabolic Complications
Metabolic Complications in the Ageing Patient
Leader: Michael Parkins
CF Bone Disease: When to use bisphosphonates?
Leader: Isabelle Sermet
Abdominal Complaints in CF: When to do What?
Leader: Michael Wilschanski
Tips and Tricks for Enzyme Suppletion
Leader: Drucy Borowitz
  The Growth Curve: When to do What?
Leader: Helen McCabe