Updated 13 January 2014

The Meet the Experts sessions are small interactive sessions led by experts to stimulate discussion, answer questions and offer advice. The format encourages a more personal approach to learning. Each of the expert sessions is limited to 30 participants, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Registration for these sessions is additional to the conference registration fee and is € 45 (a breakfast box is included). A reduced fee of € 20 is offered to Doctoral and PhD students.

Thursday 12 June ? 07:15-08:15 Friday 13 June ? 07:15-08:15
Family therapy approaches with our families
Leader: Araxie Matossian (BE)
Diagnosis and management of emerging infections
Leader: Miguel Cámara (UK)
Mucus, mucins and cystic fibrosis
Leaders: Gunnar C. Hansson (SE) and Richard Boucher (US)
How to get the most out of the CFTR-2 resource
Leaders: Patrick Sosnay (US) and Carlo Castellani (IT)
Multiple breath washout
Leader: Alexander Horsley (UK)