Welcome to the COVID-CF project in Europe

CF patient registries throughout Europe have collected data about people with CF who become infected with SARS-Cov-2, causing the illness COVID-19. 
Countries that contribute annual data to the ECFS Patient Registry (ECFSPR; www.ecfs.eu/ecfspr) were invited to report COVID-19 case data of people with a confirmed diagnosis of CF. Centres reported data directly to the ECFSPR, and aggregated data was provided by national registries that use their own data-collection system. Here we present centralised, anonymised data, which we hope to update weekly. 
It is possible that not all cases have been reported yet. Since the data is preliminary,  incomplete, might change over time, and the number of cases is low, the information should not be used to direct clinical decisions. A more substantial statistical analysis will be performed and published at a later date.

Important update: The ECFSPR database was cleaned this week to remove information from patients who did not have a PCR-confirmed diagnosis of infection with SARS-Cov-2. This is because serological antibody tests lack specificity for the SARS-Cov-2 virus compared to other coronaviruses circulating in the population. Aggregate data from national registries may currently still include patients who have only had an antibody test (without PCR confirmation).

• 10 critical cases
• The most common treatments were additional antibiotics (oral and intravenous) and systemic steroids

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Distribution in Europe

The following flow chart presents the number of countries that reported COVID-19 cases in people with CF by 21 May 2021.



Age categories (years)

Cystic fibrosis characteristics

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Cystic fibrosis characteristics

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COVID-19 symptoms

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