Janice Abbott 
University of Central Lancashire (UK)

Trudy Havermans
CF Centre - University Hospital Leuven (BE)


We are looking...

We are looking for representatives from other countries to join the core committee please contact us.


General Information

The Mental Health Working group is a closed group, currently represented by 9 European Countries.

We are looking for representatives from other countries to join the core committee, please contact us.

The Mental Health Guidelines are available in the adjacent Resources panel.

Core Committee


  • Helmut Ellemunter
  • Ulrike Smrekar


  • Nicoleta Papa


  • Trudy Havermans


  • Stina Järvholm

Czech Republic

  • Pavla Hodkova

The Netherlands

  • Yvonne Prins (Adult with CF)
  • Jacquelien Noordhoek (Federation of European CF Organizations;
  • patients organizations and health care funds for CF)
  • Jet van der Hulst
  • Marieke Verkleij


  • Maya Kirszenbaum

United Kingdom

  • Janice Abbott


  • Doris Staab
  • Lutz Goldbeck

United States

  • Anna Georgiopoulos (CFF representative)


  • Diana Kadosh
  • Eddie Landau

Aims and objectives

Multidisciplinary network of clinicians and researchers to facilitate and support the dissemination and implementation of the Mental Health Guidelines.

  • To monitor the implementation of Mental Health Screening and identify the range of clinical practice and treatment referral pathways across Europe
  • To identify driving and restraining themes that CF teams encounter when implementing the guidelines to inform resource issues (financial, physical, human and informational) and best practice.
  • To determine patient / parent and clinician-reported effectiveness / impact of Mental Health Screening.
  • To incorporate Mental Health variables into the ECFS Registry (to be discussed with the ECFSPR).
  • To promote excellence in Mental Health research across the European CF Community